After 4 years of operation in Vancouver the need for expanded capacity prompted the asset acquisition of an existing special crop trans load facility on Annacis Island. Western Transloading Corporation, (“WTC”), started operations in August of 2002 on 5 acres of property rented from the GVRD.. We were a new and relatively small player in a group of 7 other trans loaders handling special crops in the lower mainland. WTC is now one of the older of only 5 trans loaders handling special crops in containers in the lower mainland and represents a significant share of that market. Since 2002 WTC has moved more than 75,000 containers through the PMV with more than 1/3 of that total being done in the last 2 1/2 years.

Special crops represent a significant market for Canadian farmers and recent strides in the industry have called for the expansion of trans load capacity at the PMV and WTC has always strived to answer that need. During this period of growth and expansion, there have been many hurdles to overcome in the transport industry and WTC has been at the forefront of helping to make some of those changes happen. We have for many years now been the spokesman for all Vancouver trans loaders and have been asked to represent the CSCA, (Canadian Special Crops Association), and Pulse Canada at several different venues regarding transportation and its impact on our industry. Our intent as representative is the betterment of our industry which will of course in turn provide benefit to our owned companies. A few of the Committees and panels we have been a part of;

WCCFHA – Westcoast Container Freight Handlers Association.
TTWG – Transport Technical Working Group.
CDLT – Container Drayage Leadership Team.
AGT – Ag Transportation Coalition.

In 2010 we acquired 10 acres of property on Annacis Island to expand our non-rail export traffic. The property came with an 85,000 square foot warehouse that facilitated an import division and gave us the opportunity to participate in the domestic market as well. We currently have about 10 million dollars invested in infrastructure supporting our activities and are in the midst of securing another 10 acres to expand and streamline our rail traffic which is expected to increase considerably over the next few years.

As we are involved in both rail and truck freight, transportation is the cornerstone of all of our operations. Streamlining transportation has proven to be a considerable challenge that requires the attention and focus of a large and incredibly diverse group of supply chain partners, so our continued involvement in change and reform is key to the future growth of our industry and our business.